Why I’ve Been Eating More Salt

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Does anybody else see the word "salt" and immediately think bad?  This is definitely me.  I feel like there's been so much talk over the past few years about how you should limit your salt intake.  But, salt is not bad for you.  Your body needs salt to: Maintain proper fluid balance Allow impulses to be transmitted ...

Ozery’s Pita Break Review & Giveaway

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Mediterranean and Greek food is one of my favourites! As a result, I've always been a big fan of pita bread - whether it be dipped in Tzatziki or hummus, stuffed as a sandwich, or even as a base for pizza.  Ozery's Pita Break is a company based in Ontario, Canada. The family-owned bakery began ...

How Your Library Can Help You Live a Healthy Lifestyle

After reading the title, are you thinking I'm a bit crazy?  No, I don't have access to a library that offers free exercise classes, if that's what you were thinking :)  However, I do think that your local library is an AMAZING resource, and this extends into living a healthy lifestyle, too.  I love the ...

Friday Favourites!

Saturday, March 7, 2015 2 , Permalink 0

    Rocky Mountain Soap Company Organic Sugar Scrub, French Lavender I got this in a gift box from my dad over Christmas, and just pulled it out a few months ago.  It smells great, and leaves your skin feeling really moisturized and clean.  I also love that it's completely natural. The Honest Company Organic Shave Oil  As someone with ...

Friday Feature: Simply Gorgeous Naturals

As I've said before, I love featuring locally made products.  Something I love even more?  Handmade products.  Simply Gorgeous Naturals is run by Emily in Nova Scotia, Canada. Her products are all made with natural, chemical-free ingredients so you can still use the products you love without worrying about what's in them!   Before I get ...

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